The cities and towns of the future are interdisciplinary knowledge sharing machines.


The “City as Platform” theme defines how governments are integrating their physical and digital spaces more intentionally to provide better infrastructure and services for both locals and visitors. It’s the foundation for smart(er) cities and the future of how people will live and work together.

That’s changing the very definition of “place.” Traditionally, cities have been defined by place. How we interpret place informs our identity.

Today, the definition of place is expanding as a shared platform for connecting like-minded communities — both physical and digital — to leverage the collective knowledge of their networks.

Meaning, cities and towns of all sizes represent an evolution from place to platform.

Most of my career has focused on tourism and urban development. A few years ago, a professor at the House of Logistics & Mobility in Frankfurt told me:

"The city of the future is an interdisciplinary knowledge sharing machine."

That was a defining conversation that shifted how I contextualize the tourism industry as a global innovation distribution channel.

Today, I work at NEXTFactor Enterprises, developing strategy for travel industry organizations.




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